The Western Belted Galloway Association was established in 1995 as an association of Belted Galloway breeders and producers throughout the 13 western states.  Our members are dedicated to the production of the highest-quality Belties for breeding, showing and marketing of this fantastic, historic breed.

Belted Galloway cattle are thought to be related to the cattle brought to Great Britain by the Vikings.  They come from the hill country of Dumfries and Galloway, in southwest Scotland.

Belties produce exceptionally lean and flavorful meat.  Animals dress out well in excess of 60% of their live weight, higher than most other breeds. They are medium-sized animals with excellent dispositions who produce healthy offspring, even under less-than-optimal conditions.  They are an excellent choice for both small-acreage farms and larger landowners, since they convert grass to muscle at one of the highest rates of any beef breed.  

If you're considering starting or expanding a herd, Belted Galloway is an excellent breed choice whether you're a first-time cattle owner or an experienced hand.  Learn more about the breed on our web pages and contact one of our officers with any questions you have.

Here are 16 more reasons why a Beltie may be right for you!  (From That', an Irish farming website)

2023 Annual meeting is scheduled for October 6-7 in Reno, Nevada!

If you have any questions email:
Ken Bajema,Secretary/Treasurer
360-837-3273 or Email

Youth Sponsorship funds are available for showing your Belties at Fairs or Shows. For applications contact Ken: Email

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